The NPCity podcast

Welcome to "The NPCity podcast," a series that invites you into the world of non-playable characters in the magical city of Chellesot.

While an epic main storyline unfolds with heroic players and a menacing "big bad" named Lord Voidcaster (whose goal is to plunge the world into eternal darkness and THEN cover the world in lava) – this show isn’t about them.

Instead, we shift our focus to the unsung heroes—NPCs.

Delve into the lives of city folk just trying to make it through the day with deadlines at the wand factory, dealing with broken charmed toasters, and facing the heartbreak of not getting invited to the Baker's birthday party. From petty neighbor rivalries to amusing dating mishaps, these ordinary characters will take you on a magically relatable journey.

So grab your favorite dice, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to explore life in Chellesot—the city where epic quests meet the mundane! Subscribe now to hear from the unsung heroes of the realm.